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    Finally, Zidong kindergarten has become a semi enclosed castle with "d" shape as the carrier. Make the building block and children form a nature of mutual integration and shuttle, quietly telling the children's endless growth stories. 





    The designer has designed the whole second floor as an open courtyard. In addition to allowing children to have an entire floor of activity space, the design team follows the trend, extending children's activity steps from the second floor to the outdoor activity space on the first floor. The unique natural landscape ramp was born, and children can completely release their nature on the ramp, whether it's footsteps, climbing, or Those who use recreational facilities are accompanied by wind and sunshine. 






    Along the entrance, there is an arc-shaped safety path. The children run freely along the bright and smooth atrium, and then enter the "core" - the central courtyard. This is an oval atrium space. When you look up, you can see the sky and breathe the natural air. The courtyard is connected by the surrounding corridor, which is a semi outdoor space. The boundary between the indoor and outdoor is hidden here, and "hidden" behind the partition wall is the children's classroom. They are well wrapped in the embrace of "Castle", learning and growing in a free environment. 





    The whole kindergarten is endowed with the power of life, and there is natural breath everywhere. From the entrance, to the atrium, and the patio, trees were planted. With the change of climate, seasons and years, the face of big trees will change. However, in any case, big trees will return to the sun and thrive, which is exactly the idea of the gardener and the designer's deep feelings for the children. The ingenious patio design integrates the big trees to make the busy hall have a moment of natural time.









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