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    "Shaanxi Pre-school Normal College Kindergarten" is located in Chang'an District, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province, located in the hinterland of Guanzhong Plain, south of Qinling Mountains. The area has unique natural resources, abundant scientific and educational resources, obvious geographical advantages and huge development potential. Facing the multiple relationship between function, space and environment, KIDS designers break through the double restrictions of surrounding environment and architectural space to create a healthy, environmentally friendly and sustainable growth space for children.




    KIDS host designer: "We want to create an indoor space, but can break the regular, orderly and interesting exploration space of indoor space."


    ▼ 大廳布局 | Hall layout

    自然規整 有趣教學  |  Interesting Teaching of Natural Regulation




    Through flexible use of space, hall design positioned different spaces in function to enrich the teaching content of preschool education space. In the middle of the hall, "horse" is the main shape, showing a kind of interesting space in space. Rich indoor activity areas can not only induce children's exploratory psychology, but also make them interested in space and make subjective exploration according to their interests and hobbies.




    The design of the project is based on log color, showing the sustainable environmental protection concept of designers and educators to children with interesting design.


    ▼活動教室 | Activity classroom

    貼近自然 極簡主義 | Close to Natural Minimalism




    The interior of the activity classroom mainly adopts wood and white tones, which are bright and warm. The designer skillfully uses the wood color system soft clothing collocation, considers the new relationship between nature and modern compatibility, chooses the low-key simple, natural but Zen like mix and match, and shows the low limit beauty of children's learning space, which is static and motionless, but it is wonderful and unique wood color forest sense.




    Log color space theme color, with the top of the white irregular chandelier design, simple green planting, so that children's space presents a fresh and simple effect.


    ▼親子共讀區 | Parent child reading area


    趣味造型 學而不厭 | Interesting Modeling




    The interior cabin design has become a small world for children to play and read. The reading area is relatively quiet, raising the original ground to form a sinking hole like a hole on the surface of the planet, where children can read picture books and tell stories.


    ▼烘焙坊 | Baking workshop

    增進感情 鍛煉能力 | Improving Emotional Exercise Ability




    The core of the plan is the connection of four main spaces: a multi-functional room and three classrooms. Students need to develop healthy eating habits to improve their physical fitness, so a semi-open indoor baking room is very important. Designers will arrange baking room in multi-functional space, this semi-open and semi-closed kitchen form, through a series of different ways to create the environment, create different space for activities.




    Bakery is a good choice for children who can not only improve their parents'and children's feelings, but also exercise their hands-on ability.


    ▼洽談區 | Negotiation area

    合理設計 交談空間 | Reasonable Design of Conversation Space




    Designers retain the original structure of the building and adjust the space on the basis of it, dividing a negotiation area. The design of the wall with letters presents a kind of language interweaving, which makes the distance between people keep closing, and presents a kind of friendly mood.


    ▼公共區域涂鴉墻 | Graffiti Wall in Public Areas

    自由涂鴉 釋放天性 | Free Graffiti Releases Nature




    Pure indoor space allows children to have more creative space, they can freely paint in the soft tones of the wall. The "graffiti wall" at the entrance becomes an entertainment space for children and an ideal transition from family life to school life. The circular hole on the wall can also make the corridor and the classroom form a visual communication, in the corridor you can see the situation of children in class.


    ▼挑高體能訓練區  |  Elevation Training Zone

    純真無暇  鍛煉自己  |  Exercise Yourself with Innocence




    The appropriate distance between ceiling chandelier decoration and floor cushion provides children with a sense of security; the crawling physical game room runs through the first floor, downstream, happiness is self-evident. The design of space, the connection of the first and second floors, the interaction may reach the maximum. Physical training of the wall is the most vivid idea of interior design.


    ▼舞蹈室 | Dance studio

    培養興趣 挖掘潛力 | Developing Interest and Exploiting Potential 




    The log-colored ground with the top small spotlight makes the interior space present a warm and bright feeling. In this environment, it plays a good role in the coordination, flexibility and aesthetic feeling of children's basic movements of walking, running and jumping.


    ▼手工室 |  Handicraft room

    培養自信 開發智力  |  Develop confidence and intelligence



    Classrooms use soft colors and materials to create a safe and warm atmosphere like home, encouraging children to stimulate their own potential. The design process of kindergartens combines professional Montessori ideas and knowledge to return the most precious freedom of childhood to children on the basis of ensuring nature and safety. Design and love, let sunshine into childhood.




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